A Note From the Principal



Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about Duncan Christian School. 

It is our founding belief as a Christian school that Christ is Lord over every aspect of life and creation.  We believe that there is no part of life that is neutral, but that even those parts of life that claim to be neutral are in fact shaped by the faith of the people who we spend time with.

The education of a child within a school is shaped by the faith of the staff and leadership.  We believe it is important that our children’s education be rooted in Christ, that curriculum integrate Christian worldview and that students are given opportunities to engage regularly in practices that orient their hearts to Christ. 

Duncan Christian School offers a broad range of high quality programs, including programs for international students.  We recognize that each student is uniquely created and blessed with a diversity of talents.  Therefore, it is important that we offer balanced and strong programs that provide students opportunities to explore and grow in their areas of strength. 

Whether students plan to attend university after graduation, enter the workforce, or serve the community in some other way, our goal is to provide a loving and supportive school environment where students feel valued, respected and supported as staff work alongside them helping students meet their goals. 

Please contact us if you have questions or would like a tour of the school. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the youth and families of the Cowichan Valley.


Jeremy Tinsley

Duncan Christian School Chargers